Our "New Home" Project

Following are some images of the construction process of a home which we recently built.
(We wanted you to see us complete a job from start to finish.)


This is what the lot of this new home looked like before we began our construction:
Lot Before 1 Lot Before 2 Lot Before 3

Here, the excavator is starting to dig the location for the foundation:
Excavation 1 Excavation 2 Excavation 3

This is a view of the foundation and basement floor:
Foundation and Basement Floor

Here are some views of the foundation from the front:
Foundation Front 1 Foundation Front 2 Foundation Front 3

These images were taken during the framing phase:
Framing 1 Framing 2
Framing 3 Framing 4

Here are some external views of the completed home:
Completed 1 Completed 2 Completed 3

And ... here are a few pictures of the home's interior:
Interior 1 Interior 2 Interior 3 Interior 4 Interior 5 Interior 6

We hope you find this group of images helpful while investigating our capabilities.
Continue to browse this site for additional images and information regarding the services and talents which we offer.

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